8 февраля 2016 г.

The Road Map
From Crisis to Opportunity

Appeal of
The National Strategic Thought Center

The economic crisis is deepening in our country day by day. Continous drop of oil prices on the world market brought Azerbaijan, which has become a hostage of corruption, monopolism and bad governance, to a catastrophic situation. The authorities, which demonstrated its inability to prevent the crisis with its incomplete, controversial and cosmetic steps, confessed its powerlessness through attempts to take loans from the international financial centers. The January protests in the regions might have looked weak and scattered, but these demonstrations were the most homogenous, contionous and simultaneous mass actions with socio-economic demands in the history of the independent Azerbaijan. This clearly showed that, growth of the protests, transformation of socio-economic tension to socio-political tension is a matter of time.
Unlike the government, which continued its irresponsible behaviour during the crisis as well, the democratic community demonstrated very mature and responsible position. The opposition, which provided moral-political and informational support to spontaneous protests of the people, proved in practice that, it is not interested in this process leading to chaos. Along with that, the democratic forces showed ways of preventing the deepening of the crisis, protection of the people from the blows of the crisis, directing of the economic processes towards development to the society and the authorities. The package of suggestions of Musavat Party, suggestions, advice and ideas of the PPFA, REAL, other organizations and independent experts seem quite attractive, convincing and worth attention.
Along with this, the country and the main participants of the process are in the process of waiting. The people hope for solution of the problems in some way and wants to believe that, if the problems are not solved the protests will grow and become unbeatable and that the, government, which does not take the interests of the people into consideration and is unable to solve the problems, will be changed shortly. The ruling regime hopes for rise of oil prices and wants to believe that, it will be able to control the society and continue monopolising the authority with small concessions and large repressions until then. The democratic forces hope that, this controversial expectations will not lead to social explosion and chaos and wants to believe that, mass peaceful movement of people will lead to fundamental positive changes.

The NSTC considers that, all these expectations are hypothetical. In order to prevent negative probabilities and realize positive probabilities the democratic forces must demonstrate political will and unite the society around this will. Only under such circumstances the authorities will have to reckon with unified position of the people.
The NSTC presents the Road Map to the society. This road map can create an opportunity to protect people from the crisis, for businessmen to operate in free economic environment, for democratic forces to realise their potential, for the regime to pass the authority to the people peacefully and gradually. As a result Azerbaijan can enter the 100th year anniversary of our Republic in 2018 in a renewed way.  

The Road Map
From Crisis to Opportunity

1.    Immediate social measures:
Making of necessary decisions to support the people suffering from the crisis, particularly the low-income strata. Immediate steps to solve unemployment worsened as a result of devaluation, low wages, credit debts and other problems.

2.    Immediate economic measures:
Primary steps creating necessary conditions for eradication of corruption and monopolism, establishment of free economy, revival of small and middle business, development of agriculture, tourism and other non-oil spheres

3.    Immediate political measures:
Release of political prisoners, establishment of political freedoms, steps necessary for provision of conditions for normal work on non-governmental organizations and media, free and equal opportunity competition of political parties

4.    Principled messages made for the international community in the sphere of foreign policy:
Declaration of the course on establishment of main political and economic freedoms in Azerbaijan; declaration of steps for the Euroatlantic integration, applying for membership to the European Union and NATO, acceleration of accession talks with the World Trade Organization in line with the National Security Conception of Azerbaijan

5. Establishment of the Constitution Committee for preparation of the new draft Constitution (or additions and amendments to the Constitution) in February, 2016

6. Holding of a referendum for adoption of the new Constitution (or additions and amendments to the Constitution) in the spring of 2016

7.   Holding of the parliamentary elections in the second half of 2016

8.   Holding of the presidential elections in 2017

The document was adopted at the 29 January 2016 meeting of the NSTC.

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