11 ноября 2012 г.


Deyerler.org: Artıq bir müddətdir ki, Deyerler.org saytı oxucularına "Ciddi Söhbət" rubrikasını təqdim edir. Bu dəfə isə rubrikamızı video görüntü ilə təqdim etməyi düşündük. Növbəti qonağımız 100 illik Müsavat Partiyasının başqanı İsa Qəmbərdir. 

"CIDDI SÖHBƏT" 2-ci hissə, 2012, NOYABR

"Ciddi söhbət" 3-cü hissə, 2012, noyabr

Deyerler.org: Artıq bir müddətdir ki, Deyerler.org saytı oxucularına "Ciddi Söhbət" rubrikasını təqdim edir. Bu dəfə isə rubrikamızı video görüntü ilə təqdim etməyi düşündük. Növbəti qonağımız 100 illik Müsavat Partiyasının başqanı İsa Qəmbərdir. 

14 октября 2012 г.

Letter to Isa Gambar, Chairman of the Musavat Party, Azerbaijan From Davit Usupashvili, Chairman of the Republican Party, Georgia

Letter to Isa Gambar, Chairman of the Musavat Party, Azerbaijan 
From Davit Usupashvili, Chairman of the Republican Party, Georgia 
October 3, 2012 

Dear Bashkan of the Musavat party, 
Dear Colleague, 

We just learned that a group of Azerbaijani observers led by your deputy, Mr. Arif Hajili took part in the observation of the parliamentary elections in Georgia, October 1, 2012. This group of 16 people worked as part of an international mission, led by the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE, USA), an organization which showed itself from best sides before, for example - in the presidential elections in Azerbaijan in October 2003. 

Allow me to express our deep and sincere gratitude for their impartiality, high professionalism and hard work done by them in these critical days for Georgia. Azerbaijani observers made a significant contribution to the expression of the free will of the people of Georgia, and to the closest convergence between official and actual voting results. It seems that the precedent that has been created with these parliamentary elections in Georgia and its importance goes well beyond the borders of our country. 

The great job of the Azerbaijani observers, the backbone of which were members of the Musavat Party, was noted not only by the leadership of the mission, but also by our candidate (we can say now - Member of Parliament of Georgia from the Sagarejo constituency number 11) - Tina Khidasheli in her televised speech on the night of 1 to 2 October. 

With the wishes of many success, Davit Usupashvili 
Chairman of the Republican Party, Georgia 

Глубокоуважаемый башкан партии МУСАВАТ, 
Дорогой коллега! 

Как нам стало известно, группа азербайджанских наблюдателей под руководством Вашего заместителя г-на Арифа Гаджиева приняла участие в процессе наблюдения над парламентскими выборами в Грузии 1 октября 2012. Эта группа из 16 человек работала в составе международной миссии, организованной Институтом Демократии в Восточной Европе (IDEE, USA), зарекомендовавшей себя с наилучшей стороны ранее, например – в период президентских выборов в Азербайджане в октябре 2003 г.  

Позвольте выразить нашу глубокую и искреннюю благодарность за их непредвзятость, высококфалифицированную и самоотверженную работу, проделанную ими в эти важные для Грузии дни. Азербайджанские представители миссии внесли весомый вклад в обеспечение свободного волеизъявления народа Грузии, максимально возможное сближение официальных и реальных результатов голосования. Думается, что прецедент, возникший по итогам минувших парламентских выборов в Грузии, своим значением выходит за пределы нашей страны. 

Отличная работа группы азербайджанских наблюдателей, костяк которой составили представители партии МУСАВАТ, была отмечена не только руководством миссии, но и нашим кандидатом (можно сказать – теперь уже депутатом парламента Грузии от Сагареджойского избирательного округа №11) Тиной Хидашели в ее выступлении по телевидению в ночь с 1 на 2 октября. 

С искренними пожеланиями всяческих успехов, Давид Усупашвили, 
Председатель Республиканской партии Грузии Тбилиси, 

3 октября 2012 г.

Müsavatçılar Gürcüstan seçkilərində, okt.2012

13 сентября 2012 г.

Memorandum On the Presidential Elections 2013


On the Presidential Elections 2013

Participation of the Public Chamber (PC) in the Presidential Elections 2013 is widely discussed both in the mass-media and social networks. Guided by the democratic values and principles forming PC’s mission and activity is based on, PC considers public debates on issues which are important for the society to be essential and takes into consideration opinions stated during these debates to form its policy.

At the same time it is observed that due to the lack of information on PC’s tactics on Presidential Elections of 2013, some incorrect opinions and views are stated by the parties taking part in these debates. In turn it causes logical questions and indefiniteness both inside and outside of PC. In some cases opponents and antagonists of PC and democratic camp in general are eager to take advantage of these uncertainties in order to artificially deepen and exaggerate them.
Taking into account the above-mentioned public interest in these questions Coordinating Council of the PC considers it appropriate to disclose following related to the topic:

1. Large public interest in the issue of participation of the PC in the 2013 presidential elections is an indicator and example of the influence and role of PC in socio-political process going in Azerbaijan, along with a proof of PC being accepted as the main core of resistance to authoritarianism, the most organized center of power of democratic community, the main political alternative to the existing authorities. No near-term issue of importance, including the Presidential Elections of 2003 will be concluded without the participation of the PC and PC’s position will be taken into consideration.

2. It should be noted that PC is not an electoral bloc and is not created for the electoral campaign. PC is an organizational model for the alliance of the democratic powers of Azerbaijan (political opposition, free media, civil society representatives, progressive intelligentsia, and leaders of the youth movement) and should be considered as a Civil Movement with a main purpose to gain fundamental democratic changes and to change the regime. Taking all this into account, it is incorrect and baseless to think or state that PC was formed to make tactical decisions for the upcoming Presidential Elections, to decide the candidate or to support this decided candidate. Members of the PC, majority of the organizations in the PC, including leading oppositional parties- PFPA and Musavat believe that PC should continue its activity until the significant democratic changes are made and the regime is changed. All aforementioned consider that partnership within the PC should be a priority.   

3. It should be noted that the main political target of the PC is to achieve the conduction of the extraordinary Parliamentary Elections prior to the Presidential Elections and it remains as such. PC considers the chance that dynamics of the geopolitical processes and the social-political situation will cause significant changes in the country prior to the Presidential Elections 2013 to be very high and builds its activity in general and in regard to the upcoming Elections taking this into consideration. PC considers it appropriate to form and state its final position prior to the Elections in order to take all changes happened during that period into consideration and make necessary corrections to its position.

4. PC considers Presidential Elections of 2013 to be the most important element of the political process in the country and PC is building its strategy based upon this assumption. PC regards Presidential Elections of 2013 to be one of the most favorable opportunities for the society to bring Azerbaijan from autocracy to democracy and thinks that this opportunity should be used to its fullest potential. Formation of the democratic election environment, realization of political, legal and social reforms which PC promoted in its Roadmap to the Democracy plan will play a decisive role in the democratization of the country.

5. Prior to this memorandum, PC has already made a statement on the 2013 elections and wants to bring it to the attention. During the public debate on the name of the single candidate of the PC for the upcoming 2013 Presidential Elections, PC stated that it is not on the agenda and that this question is not being discussed. It was stated that PC considers wide alliance of the democratic powers to be useful and desirable for the upcoming Presidential Elections.
These statements are once again approved and PC regards that observations both within and outside of the PC- in the public opinion Chairman of Musavat Isa Gambar and Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Ali Karimli are considered to be candidates of the democratic circles. But the idea that there can be a third candidate should not be neglected.

6. At this stage PC considers any statements and decisions to participate in the elections by members of PC to be natural and does not consider such moves to be contrary to the interests of the PC. At this stage PC respects all such statements and decisions and considers it acceptable and regards all who decided to be candidates to be “candidates to the candidacy”. PC will continue to evaluate all these issues with other democratic powers, most especially with the Forum of the Intellectuals until the reasonable time prior to the election.    

Taking all of the abovementioned into consideration PC states that improvements to the Elections Code, formation of the democratic election environment and formation of the big coalition of the democratic powers in order to undertake these changes is its priority at the current time. PC considers necessary the completion of the election strategy and elections platform for the upcoming elections.
PC will continue to inform the public on the its position and decisions regarding the Presidential Elections 2013 in the regular fashion. 
September 5, 2012

25 июня 2012 г.

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5 мая 2012 г.

Public Chamber of Azerbaijan made a statement condemning scandalous photographic collage with an image of Adolf Hitler

                                            AZERBAIJAN PUBLIC CHAMBER


On 27 April 2012, “Yeni Azerbaijan”, the official newspaper of the governing New Azerbaijan Party, carried an article “Diplomatic Order: Opposition, be Ready for Eurovision”, which contains highly libelous and scurrilous content, designed to discredit Azerbaijani opposition parties, civil society and independent media. The article also includes a scandalous photographic collage, depicting German Ambassador to Azerbaijan Herbert Quelle, German Human Rights Ombudsman Mr Markus Loening and the leaders of major Azerbaijani democratic opposition parties, juxtaposed with an image of Adolf Hitler. 

The Public Chamber (PC) resolutely rejects libelous allegations in the article, regarding German state funding of Azerbaijani opposition. The PC categorically insists that no such arrangements exist or have existed in the past. The allegations are being taken very seriously and legal advice is being sought with the aim of challenging this attempt at discrediting democratic opposition parties. It is clear that this is a politically motivated act of defamation by the authoritarian regime of Ilham Aliyev.

The Public Chamber utterly condemns insulting images carried in the article. These images seriously damage Azerbaijan’s standing, image and reputation in Europe and beyond, and are detrimental to Azerbaijani-German relations. It is obvious that the authors of the article (at the “Yeni Azerbaijan” Analytical Group) intended to insult and offend Azerbaijan’s German friends and partners and have thus undermined Azerbaijani national interests in Europe. The Public Chamber would like to offer sincere apologies to our German colleagues and friends, who have undoubtedly been offended by this gross violation of acceptable standards. We would like to stress that such articles and actions by the undemocratic authoritarian Aliyev regime bear no connection to the true views and opinions of Azerbaijani people and do not reflect the reality of Azerbaijani society.

May 2, 2012


The above-mentioned libelous and scurrilous article in the original is