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Ziyarətdən sonra Müsavat Partiyasının 15 sentyabr gününə- Türkiyə-Azərbaycan birliyinə həsr edilmiş konfransını keçirdik:

İsa Qəmbər: “Azərbaycanın Bakını öz qanı və canı ilə düşmənlərdən xilas edən türk əsgərlərinə minnət borcu var”

Public Chamber of Azerbaijan :"Roadmap for Soft Transition to Democracy"

Roadmap for Soft Transition to Democracy

The Public Chamber (PC) wants to see Azerbaijan among developed, modernistic states that are trustworthy in the eyes of the international community and their respective citizens. We consider necessary to carry out urgent and thorough reforms to build a democratic political system and liberal economy, and to attain a jural state and well-developed civil society in Azerbaijan within shortest period of time. With that end in view, we call upon all progressive forces to use their best endeavors to realize this Roadmap. The proposed schedule has been earmarked for one particular time horizon – soft transition from authoritarianism to democracy – and is meant to ensure the transition thereof. The period of transition involves several stages and can last a maximum of two years (before the election of the next President).

First stage: Forming the political basis for transition to democracy

1.            A wide-range dialogue is launched between the government and PC, so all issues are solved by virtue of discussions;

2.            Repudiation of political confrontation and political persecution. The spirit of reforms and national unity is fostered in the country. With that end in view:
2.1          Political amnesty shall be announced. All prisoners of conscience and political prisoners shall be released and restored in their respective civil and political rights. Guarantee shall be provided for people in political exile to return home. A law on the status of ex-Presidents shall be adopted.
2.2          To support democratic reforms and build public confidence in them, broad and transparent debates, ensuring the participation of IP, shall be embarked on official media, particularly, TV channels. PC shall ensure dissemination of and access to information for all sectors of society on the basis of the principle of equality. To ensure access to the air for the opposition, a separate TV channels shall be set up; the IP’s utilization for that purpose shall be considered.
2.3          The problem with the freedom of assembly shall be solved. A practice of limiting mass actions and holding mass actions in places except for those that are on the reference list, on the basis of notification only, shall be introduced into the law on the freedom of assembly. Freedom (Azadliq) square shall be made available for mass actions.
2.4          Freedom of conscience and belief, including the freedom of wearing hijab, shall be ensured.
2.5          The pressure and limitations on the press and electronic media, including those in the field of Internet, shall be lifted altogether. The law on information shall be liberalized, and the law on defamation shall be adopted.
2.6          NGO registration procedures shall be simplified, and NGO are granted operational freedom.
2.7          Effective measures shall be taken in relation to the fulfilment of the duties of the State to ensure statutory regular activities of political parties. The issue concerning the allocation of premises for central and local representative offices of political parties shall be solved. Budgetary financing of political parties shall be stipulated by the legislation and provided correspondingly.
2.8          The State shall unilaterally ensure the protection of property rights.
2.9          The Karabakh congress shall be convened with participation of the representatives of the government, political opposition, civil society, refugees forced out of the Armenian Republic as well as the internally displaced people from the occupied territories of the Azerbaijan Republic, prominent intellectuals, veterans of the Karabakh war and other necessary people, and the national stance on the issue thereof shall be manifested.
2.10        The international commitments that the Azerbaijan Republic has undertaken pursuant to the interstate agreements to which it is a party, shall remain in force, with the transparency to be secured in relation to the fulfilment of the commitments thereof.

Second stage: Forming legal and organizational basis for transition to democracy

3.            The Democratic Reform Council (DRC) shall be set un under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. A law on DRC shall be adopted.
3.1          DRC shall be composed of the candidates to be nominated by PS, a body representing the official powers and citizen’s movement. Presented at the level of DIS shall be political parties, civil society institutions, media structures, youth movements and experts.
3.2          DRC shall operate without remuneration of its members, on the basis of openness and accountability to the public, and for the defined period of time. DIS shall ensure the development and implementation of thorough reforms.

4.            In the field of constitutional reforms:
4.1          Before a new Constitution is adopted, the legal basis for transition reforms shall be ensured by making amendments and alterations to the existing Constitutions.
4.2          The Constitution shall make provision for the forming of the supreme and local self-governing authorities on the basis of mixed (proportional elections – majority voted) system.
4.3          To fully achieve the division of power, enhancement of the authority of the Cabinet of Ministers and Milli Maclis (Parliament) shall be examined.
4.4          To form independent judiciary, the corresponding changes shall be made in the legislation pertaining to the principles of selection and activity of judges, and reestablishment of the bar institution on a democratic basis.
4.5          The Constitution shall make provision for the imposition of limitations on the election of the same person to and procedures for filling an executive post at a governmental body, as well as frequency and term of office.
4.6          To ensure parliamentary oversight of the security sector, the rules of reporting by the corresponding authorities to the Milli Maclis shall be sanctioned.

5.            In the field of electoral legislation:
5.1          The practice of forming the elective supreme and local self-governing authorities shall be adopted on the basis of multiparty, mixed, 50:50 (proportional elections – majority voted) system. The increase in the number of parliamentary seats shall be considered.
5.2          To democratize the Elections Code, it shall be altered correspondingly, taking into account the proposals and recommendations by civil society institutions, political opposition and international organizations. Electoral commissions shall be composed of the candidates nominated by the government and opposition on a parity basis.
5.3          The practice of establishment of municipality institutions in charge of large towns and cities, and direct election of the heads of municipalities shall be adopted.

6.            In the socioeconomic field:
6.1          Economic-financial amnesty shall be considered. Full guarantee shall be provided for the inviolability of the legalized private property.
6.2          Measures shall be taken to ensure freedom of business activity and improve business climate. An SME ombudsman institution shall be established.
6.3          The concept of a socially oriented state shall be developed and implemented gradually.
6.4          The minimum or base size of wage, pension and social benefits shall be doubled immediately.
6.5          Repayment of the money deposited with banks during the Soviet Union shall start.
6.6          Every citizen shall be provided with direct payments as part of oil income. Oil income shall be used in a transparent, fair and effective way. The membership in the Supervisory Board of the Oil Fund shall change, with renowned citizens, representatives of civil society being admitted as new members. The accountability of the State to the public shall be ensured in that respect.
6.7          Health insurance for children under the age of 18, the poor, disabled/handicapped, and the elderly shall be provided at the expense of the State. Maternity and child benefits shall be restored.
6.8          Abolishment of paid education at public high educational institutions shall be considered. No increase in tuition fees shall be allowed for the leftover period.
6.9          The term of real military service in the armed forces shall be gradually reduced by virtue of an increase in the number of professional service personnel. The right to deferment of military service shall be instituted at each of the tertiary education levels.

7.            In the field of anti-corruption and anti-monopoly drive:
7.1          The State Anti-Corruption Commission shall be reorganized on the basis of the principle of forming DRC.
7.2          The officials who are mentioned in serious corruption allegations shall be relieved of their positions, be subjected to investigation, and, before the investigation thereof is over, be not allowed to hold any executive post at the supreme public authority.
7.3          The rules of statement of property, wealth and income by officials and their close relatives shall be adopted.
7.4          The projects financed at the expense of public funds (oil fund, state budget, international borrowings secured by the State) shall be monitored.
7.5          An independent anti-monopoly commission, to be represented by the media and IP, shall be set up and operate in a transparent manner.
7.6          Azerbaijan’s admission to the World Trade Organization shall be expedited.

Third stage: Institution of a legitimate power and completion of transition to democracy

8.            Prior to the next presidential elections, off-year elections to the Milli Maclis shall be held.

9.            Off-year elections to municipalities and of the heads of municipalities shall be held.

10.          Subsequently, presidential elections shall be held.

11.          A new Constitution shall be adopted. In the framework of preparation and discussion of the draft Constitution, transition from the presidential model to a parliamentary republic shall be broadly discussed with the public.
Approved at the 27 August 2011 session of PC

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Şəhriyar: Ayağa dur Azerbaycan !


Könlüm quşu qanad çalmaz sənsiz bir an, Azərbaycan.
Xoş günlərin getmir müdam xəyalımdan, Azərbaycan.
Səndən uzaq düşsəm də mən eşqin ilə yaşayıram,
Yaralanmış qəlbim kimi qəlbi viran Azərbaycan.
Bütün dünya bilir - sənin qüdrətinlə, dövlətinlə
Abad olub, azad olub mülki-İran, Azərbaycan.
Bisütuni-inqilabda Şirin-vətən üçün Fərhad
Külüng vurmuş öz başına zaman-zaman, Azərbaycan.
Vətən eşqi məktəbində can verməyi öyrənmişik,
Ustadımız deyib "heçdir vətənsiz can", Azərbaycan.
Qurtarmaqçün zalimlərin əlindən Rey şümşadını
Öz şümşadın başdan-başa olub al qan, Azərbaycan.
Yarəb, nədir bir bu qədər ürəkləri qan etməyin,
Qolubağlı qalacaqdır nə vaxtacan Azərbaycan?!
İgidlərin İran üçün şəhid olub, əvəzində
Dərd almısan, qəm almısan sən İrandan, Azərbaycan.
Övladların nə vaxtadək tərki-vətən olacaqdır?
Əl-ələ ver, üsyan elə, oyan, oyan, Azərbaycan!
Bəsdir fəraq odlarından kül ələndi başımıza,
Dur ayağa! Ya azad ol, ya tamam yan, Azərbaycan!
Şəhriyarın ürəyi də səninki tək yaralıdır,
Azadlıqdır mənə məlhəm, sənə dərman, Azərbaycan!

29 августа 2011 г.

19 июня 2011 г.

The resolution of the public meeting on 19th June 2011

The resolution of the participants of the public meeting on 19th June 2011

 Public Chamber, Baku, Azerbaijan.

People want  key reforms!

Those who take part in the rally are stating that they support the February 26 statement of Public Chamber, resolutions of April 2 and April 17 rallies, resolution of the Public Chamber- "Political situation and the responsibilities of the democratic powers" accepted on April 9 during the 4th session of the Public Chamber and all of it's articles, the decisions that were made during the 6th session of the Public Chamber on May 27

Considering urgency of
-          Real political, economic and social reforms
-          Conduct of an extra-ordinary  parliamentary elections
-          Preparation of a  new draft of Constitution
-          Restoration of proportional system of elections
-          Elimination of all legal and executive obstacles in implementation of  basic human rights and freedoms, such as  freedom of assembly, expression, religion and conscience.
-          Investigation of corrupt activities of the ministers and other members of central  executive organs  in a transparent manner and for the time of investigation interruption  of their activities in office.
-          Undertaking specific steps in just distribution of the oil revenues, such as increase of pensions, minimum salaries and other social benefits two times, including restoration of social protection of mothers and children, return of the savings of citizens, which they had in the Soviet period,  and other measures,
The participants of the meeting demand:
1.    To condemn application of the teargas, batons and violent methods against the participants of peaceful rallies, especially beating and tortures in the handcuffed condition in the buses, police offices and prisons, to disclose and to punish the organizers and executors of these violent actions; to immediately release participants of the rally on the 2nd of April 2011, who were already recognized by the Amnesty International as  “prisoners of conscience” - Arif Hajili, Tural Abbasly, Mecid Memmedli, Shahin Hesenli, Ahad Mammedli and others.
     2.  To continue peaceful mass rallies with the demand of key reforms.
     3. The fredoom for the peaceful assembly should be provided to the citizens on the foundation    of the 49th article of the Constitution of Azerbaijan and according to the law of “Right for the free assembly”

    4.Regardless of the specific  situation during the rallies or a public meeting, to create conditions  for the peaceful  conduct of the meeting. In case, if the provocateurs, or official structures apply force, to abstain from and prevent  any violent response.  

12 июня 2011 г.

Cəmil Ünal'ın nitqi, 2011, 28 may

Bu il 28 mayda - Azərbaycan Xalq Cümhuriyyətinin quruluşunun 93-cü ilində Türkiyədəki soydaşlarımız liderimiz, bu cümhuriyyətin qurucusu Məhəmməd Əmin Rəsulzadənin müqəddəs məzarı ətrafında böyük bir toplantı keçirmişlər. Toplantıda Azərbaycan Kültür Dərnəyinin Başqanı, M.Ə.Rəsulzadənin həyatda olan son silahdaşlarından biri, bizim dəyərli ağsaqqalımız Cəmil Ünal nitq söyləmişdir. Bu maraqlı nitqi diqqətinizə təqdim edirəm.

Azerbaycan Kültür Derneği Genel Başkanı Cemil ÜNAL
 28 Mayıs' 2011
Milli Azerbaycan Cumhuriyetinin kuruluşunun 93. yıl dönümünde,Mehmet Emin RESULZADE 'nin huzurunda toplananlara hitap eden Cemil ÜNALın konuşması

Muhterem arkadaşlar, Azerbaycan Büyükelçiliğinin değerli temsilcileri;
Bugün Azerbaycan tarihi için gerçek manada önemli bir gündür.
 28 Mayıs 1918 tarihinde kurulan Milli Azerbaycan cumhuriyetinin kuruluşunun 93.yılında içimiz hüzünle doludur. Çünkü o cumhuriyeti kuranların her biri vatanlarından ayrı topraklarda yatmaktadır.
 Milli Cumhuriyetin şura başkanı ve cumhurbaşkanı Mehmet E.RESULZADE'nin  huzurunda  diyebiliriz ki, onun ikinci vatanım dediği burada ebediyete intikal ederken, Azerbaycan  tarihinin önemli şahsiyetlerinden ve ilk başbakanı Ali Merdan TOPÇUBAŞI Avrupa'da,FethaliHan HOYLU ise Tiflis’te uğradığı bir suikast sonucu , son başbakan Nesipbey YUSUFBEYLİ’de komünist işgalciler tarafından  Bakü'de öldürülmüş, yine bu davaya hizmet eden Ahmet AĞAOĞLU  ve Mirza bala MEHMETZADE gibi değerli insanlar vatanlarından ayrı topraklarda ebediyete gitmiş, ne yazık ki mezarı dahi bilinmemektedir. Her biri bir milli kahraman olan bu büyük insanları, böylesine önemli bir günde sizlerle birlikte anmmaktan gurur duymaktayım.
 Muhterem arkadaşlar,
Biz isterdik ki , 28 Mayıs’ı kutlamak isteyenler kim olursa olsun,önce buraya gelip bu büyük insanın kabrini  ziyaret ettikten sonra  gidip  düzenledikleri programa katılsınlar.Bugün Mehmet Emin RESULZADE davasını  güdenler, onun devamcısı olan eski cumhurbaşkanı ELÇİBEY ve onun dava arkadaşı olan ve bugün Musavat partisinin başkanı olan İsa GAMBER'e yapılanlar, RESULZADE’yi iktidardan uzaklaştıran ve aynı baskıları yapan zihniyettir. Diyebiliriz ki,bu iki tavır ve davranış arasında hiçbir fark yoktur.
 Biz istiyoruz ki, bir daha 27 Nisan  düşünce ve eylemleri olmasın. 27 Nisanları bayram olarak uygulamaya alarak böyle bir düşünceyi yaşatmasın.
Şurası çok iyi bilinimektedir ki, milli devleti yıkanlar Ruslarla ilişki içinde olarak bu akibeti yaratmışlardır.Azerbaycan  Türk’ü bu gelişmeleri bilmeli ve yaratanları iyi tanımalıdır.Çünkü milli devletin kurucusu olan MehmetEmin RESULZADE, siyasi yaşamında hiçbir yabancı ideolojinin etkisinde kalmamıştır. onun yüzü daima Türkçülüğe ve Türk olmaya dönüktür.
Değerli arkadaşlar,
 Azerbaycan Kültür Derneği olarak 62 yıldan buyana,bu milli davanın arkasında olduk. Bizim için Azerbaycan'ın geleceği ve Azerbaycan İnsanı önemlidir. Burada, Azerbaycan’ın  davası kendi davası olarak görülmüş, bundan böylede devam edecektir. Mili cumhuriyeti kuranlar, 28 Mayıs tarihini hiçbir zaman bayram olarak kutlama imkanı bulamadılar. Belki bizimde bu önemli günü  bayram değil, anma ve yad etme  içinde geçirmemiz doğru olacaktı. Çünkü yüzbinlerce insanını sürgün ve katliamlarla kaybeden Azerbaycan halkının bayram yapmaya hakkı olmamalıdır.
O cumhuriyeti kuranlar, bir 27 Nisan tarihinde başlayan işgal ve katliamlarla devlete hizmet eden aydınları, vatansever fikir adamlarını yok etmişlerdir. Bu katliamlarda sayılarının çoğu kadın ve çocuk olan altı yüz bin insan,  telef edilmiştir.
ELÇİBEY döneminde ele alınan üç önemli projeden birisi, 28 Mayıs' yaratan, Mehmemt Emin RESULZADE nin görkemli bir heykelinin başkentin meydanına dikilmesi,bir başkası, Azerbaycan dışında yaşayan yüzbinlerce Türk’ün Azerbaycan'a dönüp yeniden vatandaşlık kazanması, üçüncüsü  ise Mehmet Emin RESULZADE' nin yaşadığı evin müze olarak düzenlenmesiydi.Ne yazık ki bunların hiç biri gerçekleşme imkanı bulunmadığı gibi, onun adı ve resimleri duvarlardan indirildi.
 Otuzlu yıllardan sonra dört yüzbini aşan Azerbaycan Türk'ü ülke dışına sürülmüş, bunlardan Kazakistan, Kırgızistan gibi ülkelerde yaşamak zorunda kalan yüz binlerin çocukları  kendi ülkelerinin dışında bırakılmıştır.
 Biz istiyoruz ki artık bu sürgün hayatı bitsin, insanlar vatan topraklarına dönsünler. Ancak Azerbaycan’ın mevcut Kanunları bunu elli bin dolar para ile sınırlayyarak engellemiştir.
Biz diyoruz ki, bu insanlar sizin vatandaşınızdır. Bu engelleyici yasanın  kaldırılması  gerekir. Bize bu günleri bırakan insanlara sahip çıkma zamanıdır, onlara sahip olunmalıdır.Bugün yeryüzünde Azerbaycan halkı kadar dağılmış bir toplum görmek mümkün değildir. Sadece Borçalı bölgesinde otuz bin, Dağıstan’da yüz elli bin , Rusya federasyonunda bir milyon beş yüz bin insan, sahipsiz  yaşarken, Güney Azerbaycan’da yaşayan otuz milyon Türk’ü ise bu rakamlara katmazken,diyoruz ki, bu milli bayramda Azerbaycan iktidarı ile muhalefeti el ele tutsunlar. Kucaklaşmanın tam zamanıdır. Önlerinde  Karabağ gibi bir milli sorun yatmaktadır. Karabağ unutulmuş durumda iken, Ermenilerin elinde bir oyuncak halindedir.
Biz şunu beklemekteyiz, Azerbaycan'ı yönetenler  ve muhalefet ortak bir karar içinde halkın karşısına çıkmalıdır. Karabağ işgal altında iken bir milletin Bayram yapma hakkı olamaz.
 Biz burada tarihi bir gün olan  28 Mayıs’ı anarken, henüz kutlama ortamına gelmiş sayamayız kendimizi.Bir gün arzu ettiğimiz şartlar gerçekleşirse o vakit gerçek 28 Mayısları bayram olarak kutlama hakkına sahip olmalıyız.
 Bu gün burada bizimle birlikte 28 Mayıs anma toplantısına katılanları sevgi ve şükranla kucaklarken, sivil toplum temsilerini, öğrencileri ve Azerbaycan Büyükelçiliği mensuplarına katılımlarından dolayı teşekkür ediyorum. Çünkü benden önce o cumhuriyeti onlara emanet eden, Mehmet Emin RESULZADE’yi anmak  onların hakkıdır.
28 Mayıslarda Mehmet Emin RESULZADE’ye saygı göstermeyenlerin ve onun kabrini ziyaret etmeyenlerin, onu tarihten silmek isteyenlerin  Azerbaycan için bir katkı sağlayacaklarından endişe duymaktayım.
28 Mayıs 1918 tarihli Milli Azerbaycan Cumhuriyetinin 93. ylında büyük devlet adamı M. Emin Resulzade ve dava arkadaşlarını huzurunuzda saygı ile anıyorum.

25 мая 2011 г.

STATEMENT BY PUBLIC CHAMBER on new wave of repressions by the Azerbaijani government

on new wave of repressions by the Azerbaijani government

Baku,  2011 May 20
Drawing attention to increasing repressions, long lasting  patterns of  violent behavior, going beyond the law and moral principles, by the illegitimate government formed in the result of election fraud, Public Chamber expresses its   strongest protest to the government for deepened confrontation atmosphere in the country.  Public Chamber unequivocally acknowledges the treatment of the government towards pro-democracy groups choosing non-violent and constitutional way of struggle as repression  after the demonstrations held on April 2 and 17. 
Public Chamber reminds that each time more than 250 demonstrators were detained by police during two demonstrations held in Baku with the demand of sweeping reforms. Detained persons were treated in an inadeqaute way contradicting with the law, peaceful demonstrator were beaten and insulted by police. (see the videos showing police violence - http://www.azadliq.org/video/17265.html).
31 and 9 supporters of the Public Chamber were punished with administrative penalty for the April 2 and April 17 demontsrations respectively. 
Though preliminarly  the criminal case was opened against the head of the Central Executive Apparatus of Musavat Party Arif Hajili, deputy head of Azerbaijan Popuplar Front Party Fuad Gahramanli, chairman of the Youth Wing of Musavat Party Tural Abbasli and head of the department of Popular Front Party Mahmmad Majidli, currently the number of people being subjected to criminal cases  is 16.  15 of them are sentenced to pre-detention jail. The fact on arrest of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party activist Elnur Majidli on May 13 confirms that repressions in this direction are still being continued. This assumption is also strengthened by the following facts: a member of Youth Organization of Musavat Party Ahliman Abbasov, reporter of the newspaper “Democrat” Tural Hajibeyli and young activist Aykhan Hajibeyli were taken to the police station on May 14, chairmen and other activists of  Classical Popular Front, Azerbaijan Popular Front and Musavat Party were taken to the police station with the purpose to prevent for establishment  Sumgayit branch of the Public Chamber in the result of which the meeting failed and Sumgayit office of Musavat Party was sealed up. Public Chamber demands the immediate release of the persons detained for their participation in the demonstrations and being subjected to the criminal cases opened against them.
Public Chamber fiercely condemns violent treatment of plainclothes and police towards activists detained during demonstrations.  
Despite of the fact that 7 women detained during April 2 demonstration were taken to the police stations and released only at 11 pm after strong effrots of the organizations defending human rights, Gozel Bayramli, deputy head of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, detained during April 17 demonstration was sentenced to 5 days administrative jail.  Several women were released after administrative penalty and notice by the court
Public Chamber demands the punishment of the persons responsible for this injustice.
Public Chamber also brings to the attention the fact that the head of Supreme Assembly of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Hasan Karimov, faced inhuman treatment of police for his participation in April 2 demonstration was subjected to difficult surgery. Members of the Public Chamber-deputy head of Musavat Party Tofig Yagublu, journalists-Mustafa Hajibeyli and Khalig Bahadir, chairman of the Youth Organization of Musavat Party Tural Abbasli and his deputy Ahad Mammadli, chairman of the Youth Wing of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Abulfaz Gurbanli, head of the Sumgayit office of Musavat Party Fakhraddin Abbas, Azerbaijan Classical Popular Front Party’s activist Elman Turkoghlu, activists Tazakhan Miralamli. Sahib Rustamli, Raud Mammadov, Ramin Bakhishov, outstanding attorney Namizad Safarov and human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarli were tortured in the police stations. The detained persons were not provided any food and medicine during tens of  hours. Despite the fact that the names of the police officers demonstrating obvious violence and torture against citizens are voiced in the media for several times,  also complaints were filed  against them  and sent to the law-enforcement bodies, the torturers are still being protected  by the law-enforcement bodies. 
Public Chamber also condemns incogitable pressures against Tazakhan Miralamli and his family as a shameful case for humanity. Tazakhan Miralamli faced violent treatment of police during April 2 demonstration of the Public Chamber, he was severely tortured. In the result of physical and moral tortures left eye, kidney, lower limbs of T.Miralamli were seriously injured. The government didnt stop its illegal and non-ethical pressure campaign even during his medical treatment.  Meanwhile  reproach and insult campaign was organized against his children going to high school for being descendants of the oppositioner.  Growing moral terror resulted in patological affect condition of T.Miralamli’s son committing a murder.
Not being exhausted with the unbearable tragedy of two families, the government became much more agressive towards the family of T.Miralamli.  Demonstrations of “workers” with the participation of workers receiving salary from the state budget were organized against him.  School principle, which T.Miralamli works at, was administretively ordered to slander and dismiss him from his job. The school principle was intimidated for not agreeing with illegal order of Adalat Asgarov, head of education department of Jalilabad region.  The video demonstrating everything was posted via internet  revealing the government.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2IUKxM2iLI&feature=player_embedded).
Public Chamber also acknowledges long-term administrative arrest of the human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarli after both demonstrations and a criminal case opened against him afterwards for the so called intervnetion in the recent parliament elections as political malevolence.   Vidadi Isgandarli is known as an active and principal person struggling for the restoration of violated rights of citizens. Moreover, he strongly critisized corruption actions of the public officials during parliamentary elections, revealing election falsification with clear facts in  Goychay region where he was running from. (videos demonstrating falsification http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klenUf9L_yg). Inspite of government’s offers to him to keep silence, to stop his activity within the Public Chamber, V.Isgandarli didnt agree with this and as a result a false criminal case was opened against him. 
Public Chamber also condemns the fight of Azerbaijani government with the youth. Nizami district court of Ganja city sentenced a young activist, Harvard University  graduate Bakhtiyar Hajiyev to 2 years of jail.  This verdict made directly by order of government is completely illegal and unjust. Azerbaijani government has arrested 6 young people for their political views since the beginning of 2011.  Tural Abbasli, Javid Mehraliyev, Jabbar Savalanli and others were suspended from their universities for their politcial views and struggle. It is underlied by the Public Chamber that arresting youth and challenging their education by this while declaring that youth are surrounded by the governmental care  is a clear fact of hypocracy and double standart policy of the government
Moreover,  dismissing Hikmat Aghayev, activist of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Sahib Rustamli (from Sabirabad), head of  the  Yardimli office of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party  Gulbala Ahmadli, member of the Supreme Assembly of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Rashad Hasanov (from Shirvan), member of Classical Popular Front Party Hikmat Aghayev and his son from their jobs for their political views is also acknowledged as a step beyond political ethics and law.  The Chambers states that restriction of labor rights of citizens  in public offices and private companies  for their political views, pressuring them through administrative bodies is unacceptable. Such a policy carried out by the government agaisnt citizes is assessed as discrimination in the international law.
The several times summon of hundreds of opposition activists and Public Chamber members to the police stations  because of April 2 demonstration, moral and physical pressures made against them in the police stations is also assessed  by the Public Chamber as illegal actions.  
Public Chamber also condemns strongly engagement of the criminals sentenced for drug abuse and organized criminal groupping by police in the “Public Councils” created with the purpose to aid police in the related departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Participation of those people in establishment of “law and rules”  during peaceful demonstrations, as well as their involvement in the criminal actions such as destroying the building of social and public importance is unaaceptable. (http://www.musavat.com/new/Video/98257-%C5%9E%C3%9C%C5%9E%C6%8F_SINDIRAN_AL%C3%87AQ; http://gdb.rferl.org/20A77885-7E78-4C0B-95B3-25F5667180B6_mw800.jpg; http://www.azadliq.org/video/17265.html).
Public Chamber considers that search of the documents related to the activity of the Public Chamber and their confiscation from the headquarters of Musavat Party by prosecutor office on April 26, 2011 is a fact of illegal pressure agaisnt opposition and growing lay of protesters.
Public Chamber strongly condemns the violence shown by the government against people for their religious views trying to use their freedom of assembly and related arrests. Public Chamber states that believers are also citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and they also must enjoy all their constitutional rights.
 Declaring peaceful and civil methods as its major principles of  activity the Public Chamber (“Public Chamber refers to the principals, norms, rules and articles ensured by the international agreements (statemets, convetions, pacts, etc.) which the Republic of Azerbaijan joined to and acknowledges only on-violent, peaceful, civil ways and methods of struggle. Statement on Establishment of thje Public Chamber)”  calls the government to stop its black-hundreder and repressive treatment towards citizens.
Expressing its sincere intention for  citizen confrontation to go back to the normal discourse and liberating citizens from additional tension the Public Chamber demands to stop persecutions, termination of the bogus  criminal cases   opened against participants of April 2 demonstration, immediate release of the members of supporters of the Public Chamber, punishment of the responsible persons for torture, violence and illegal cases of  job dismissing from the government.

22 мая 2011 г.

Appeal To the European Union and The European Parliament

Siyasi mövqeyinə və fəaliyyətinə görə universitetlərdən xaric edilmiş gənclərimizin Avropada təhsil almalarına imkan yaradılması barədə Avropa Birliyinə və Avropa Parlamentinə müraciət etdik. Müraciətin ingilis dilinə tərcüməsi və orijinalı  ilə burda tanış ola bilərsiniz.

To the European Union and
The European Parliament

Intensification of the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan, struggle for rights and freedoms proceeding to a qualitatively new level, desire for serious economic and political reforms of the democratic forces in the country against the background of democratisation process going in the world is accompanied with further tightening of the anti-democratic authoritarian corrupt regime existing in Azerbaijan for 18 years and even stronger pressure on human rights and freedoms.
Tightening of the regime in Azerbaijan has been getting appropriate reaction from all parts of the democratic world, including EU member-states and institutions during recent months. We consider these critical reactions as serious international support to demands of democratic forces of Azerbaijani to carry out comprehensive political and economic reforms, protect fundamental rights and freedoms, liquidate constraints to activity of civil society institutes and media and hope that this support will continue.
But recently the Azerbaijani authorities have been ignoring these demands and been broadening the format of the repressive measures. Politically active youth has been aimed this time. The authorities have been threatening them not only with physical pressure and arrest via fake allegations, but also with expelling them from their universities. This is not something new in the arsenal of political repressions of the authorities, but recently it has been getting a mass character. Tural Abbasli, Javid Mehraliyev, Jabbar Savalanli and others have been expelled from their universities for their political views and struggle. 
These insidious actions of the authorities are aimed to threaten and deviate the democratic spirited youth from the struggle and unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the determination of youth. 
Analogical steps were taken by the Lukashenko regime in Belarus and according to our information, in order to prevent these repressions and help the Belarusian students deprived from an opportunity to study for political reasons the European Union implemented a special program for the Belarusian students to study in European countries.
As a main centre of struggle for democratic reforms in Azerbaijan the Public Chamber asks the European Union to implement a similar program for Azerbaijan as urgent as possible. Such a step would be an indispensable support and gift for Azerbaijani student-youth in their struggle to spread democratic European values.

Coordination Council of the Public Chamber,
Baku, 2011 May 20

Добавьте подпись

Добавьте подпись

Avropa İttifaqına
Avropa Parlamentinə

      Dünyada gedən demokratikləşmə prosesləri fonunda Azərbycanda da Ictimai-siyasi durumun kəskinləşmsi, hüquq və azadlıqlar uğrunda mübarizənin keyfiyyətcə yeni mərhələyə keçməsi, ölkədə demokratik qüvvələrin əsaslı igdisadi və siyasi islahatlar istəyi Azərbaycanda son 18 ildə mövcud olan antidemokratik avtoritar-korrupsioner rejimin bir qədər də sərtləəşməsi və insan hüquq və azadlıqlarına daha da sərt təzyiqlər göstərməsi ilə müşaiyət olunur.
       Son aylar Azərbaycan rejiminin bu sərtləşməsinə demokratik dünyanın bütün qütblərindən, o cümlədən Avropa Birliyi dövlətlərindən və institutlarından müvafiq reaksiyalar olub. Biz bu tənqidi reaksiyaları Azərbaycanın demokratik siyasi qüvvələrinin ölkədə geniş siyasi və iqtisadi islahatların keçirilməsi, fundamental hüquq və azadlıqların qorunması, vətəndaş cəmiyyəti institutlarının və medianın fəaliyyətinə qoyulan məhdudiyyətlərin aradan qaldırılması tələblərimizə ciddi beynəlxalq dəstəyin ifadəsi kimi qəbul edir və bu dəstəyin davam etdiriləcəyinə ümid edirik.
       Lakin son zamanlar, Azərbaycan hakimiyyəti bütün bu tələblərə məhəl qoymayaraq, repressiya tədbirlərinin formatını bir qədər də genişləndirmişdir. Bu dəfə hədəfə alınan siyasi fəal gənclərdir ki, hakimiyyət onları fiziki təzyiqlə, şərləmə yolu ilə həbsə atmaqla yanaşı, həm də təhsil aldıqları ali məktəblərdən xaric etməklə təhdid edir. Belə addımlar hakimiyyətin siyasi repressiya arsenalında yeni olmasa da, son aylarda bu kütləvi xarakter almışdır. Belə ki, Tural Abbaslı, Cavid Mehrəliyev, Cabbar Savalanlı və digərləri  siyasi görüşlərinə və apardıqları mübarizəyə görə təhsil aldıqları universitetlərdən xaric edilmişdirlər.
       Hakimiyyətin bu məkrli addımları demokratik ruhlu gəncliyi mübarizədən çəkindirməyə və qorxutmağa yönəlmişdir və təəssüf ki, Azərbaycan gəncliyinin mübarizə əzminə neqativ təsir göstərir.
       Analoji addımlar vaxtilə Belarusda mövcud olan Lukaşenko rejimi tərəfindən də atılmışdır ki, bizə bəlli olan məlumata əsasən, Avropa Birliyi ölkələri bu repressiyaların qarşısını almaq və siyasi motivlərlə təhsil imkanından məhrum edilmiş Belarus tələbələrinin təhsilini Avropa ölkələrində davam etdirməsi üçün xüsusi bir proqram həyata keçirmişdir.
        Azərbaycanda demokratik islahatlar uğrunda mübarizənin əsas mərkəzi olan İctimai Palata olaraq, biz Avropa Birliyindən mümkün qədər təcili olaraq Azərbaycana dair də anoloji proqramın həyata keçirilməsini xahiş edirik. Belə bir addım Azərbaycanın tələbə-gəncliyinin demokratik Avropa dəyərlərinin yayılması uğrunda mübarizəsinə əvəzsiz dəstək və töhfə olardı.

İctimai Palatanın Korrdinasiya Şurası,
Bakı, 2011, may 20